More physics that keep me up at night

Light does not experience time from its own perspective If the double slit experiment yields a wave/particle behavior and it seems there is a temporal disparity between photons, then why should probability be used to predict the position… Read More

Physics questions that keep me up at night

After reading Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe” I was left with many questions unanswered.  I submit these ideas as proof of my lack of understanding the mathematics of the standard model and quantum physics.  However, my intuitive knowledge… Read More

Working with new audio tech

It’s been an exciting past few months!  I’ve traveled to Asia a few times and have been working on a lot of prototyping for the the Bongiovi DPS technology for integration into consumer electronics and automotive applications.  I… Read More

My next server project

Right now things are getting a little inefficient around here in xaq land.  This site is coming from my ancient Pentium machine and my Minecraft server is coming from a decent Dell rack server in my garage.  It’s… Read More

XaqMusic 2.0

Ahhh that’s better!  So much nicer to have a site of one’s own.  It’s like staking claim to a piece of dirt and planting a house on it.  Here I shall park my wagon, unhitch the goats and… Read More