Playing With Blood

This is the new group I’m with. Metal and thrash for days!

Work Showcase

I thought it might be cool to show off some of the projects I’ve worked on over the years.  I chose this work because the quality stands the test of time and I still fee comfortable letting you… Read More

Working with new audio tech

It’s been an exciting past few months!  I’ve traveled to Asia a few times and have been working on a lot of prototyping for the the Bongiovi DPS technology for integration into consumer electronics and automotive applications.  I… Read More

Bongiovi Acoustics

It’s worth mentioning the cool projects I’m working on right now at Bongiovi Acoustics.  I’m actually tuning a new batch of headphones that just came in for our audio technology, the Digital Power Station (DPS).  The technology re-masters… Read More

I made a video game!

I’ve been poking around for a way to easily build online widgets when I came across Game Salad.  There is just enough power in their very easy to use game engine to build a pretty cool interactive experience… Read More

Keep Humming Bird

XaqMusic to listen to… mindlikewater

Hello! My band, Mind Like Water, has just released our 3rd full-length album!  😀  I played the drums and mixed it in my little attic studio.  Loud, beautiful, poetic, punk.  Check it out! “Keep Humming Bird” album… Read More