My next server project

Right now things are getting a little inefficient around here in xaq land.  This site is coming from my ancient Pentium machine and my Minecraft server is coming from a decent Dell rack server in my garage.  It’s consolidation time!  I don’t mind being served from the dino box but we know a Minecraft world would be terrible on it.  So I think it’s time to retire old BoomBox again.  The Dell is a dual core with 4Gb and so far has run mineOS flawlessley… until version 1.8 of Minecraft came out.  Now the server is obsolete.

Here’s the plan.  I will wipe the drive on the Dell.  The worlds living on it now are out of date and will be scrapped.  I will then install Centos 5.6 x86_64.  Once the new OS is looking good and the network is configured I will install httpd and WordPress.  After that I should be able to use the WordPress backup XML file to restore  If that doesn’t work I can just rsync the whole site to the new machine.  The only thing I’m a little uncertain of is getting the database to sync over.  I think I can do it with Navicat but I should really try using mysql commands.  It’s probably time for another visit to Barnes and Noble to get that PHP/Apache/Mysql book I’ve been avoiding.

Once is up and running I think I’ll install a regular Minecraft bukkit server.  I thought about running mineos+ as a virtual machine but the benefits of isolating the Minecraft server don’t really seem necessary in my situation.  I’d rather learn how to get iptables nice and secure and set up cron jobs to backup the worlds when necessary.  But then again it is really easy to set up mineos to run from a ramdisk… hmmmmmm

Either way, I intend to set up a backup script that runs weekly.  Since this will be my first foray into coding since my childhood I will also set up a Subversion server on this box to manage my projects.  I see my self using “revert” a lot!

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