Bongiovi Acoustics

It’s worth mentioning the cool projects I’m working on right now at Bongiovi Acoustics.  I’m actually tuning a new batch of headphones that just came in for our audio technology, the Digital Power Station (DPS).  The technology re-masters the incoming audio stream in real time to match the capabilities of your speakers or headphones or anything else.  Since we make a “profile”, or set of settings, for each device by hand, I’ll be wearing headphones all day today!  I have in my box a set of Wicked Audio Airline Specials, the Soul SL150 by Ludacris, a pair of Bright noise cancelling headphones and the Skull Candy Low Riders.

You can hear the technology yourself at where you can use DPS to make your laptop sound way better as well as anything else you connect to your computer.  We also made DPS available for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.  It’s free in the App store.

I’ll be making the profiles I create today available from within the DPS Plug-In as well as at the Bongiovi Acoustics website for download.

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