VST Plugins

These PC-only VST plugins are free for you to play with.  I created them in Synthedit because these tools were not available commercially.  Perhaps you will find them useful as well.  Just un-rar into the VST plugin folder of your DAW.  Click here for a zip file of all XaqMusic plugins.

The XaqEq


XaqEq with Dynamic midrange and Mid/Sides control

The XaqEq is the main focus of my experimentation.  This nifty tool is a combination aural exciter for lows and highs, a de-esser (or any other frequency) as well as a stereo enhancer.  I normally use this as my main mastering plugin as well as on guitar buses.  It also works on mono signals but you wont see anything on the Sides output.  It can also be used to add major bottom to drums and clean up nasty frequencies that muddy the middle or sides independently.  Download The Xaq Dynamic EQ with MS


XaqEq 1.0

A standard mono/stereo version of the above XaqEq.  It has a slightly different tone.  Download The Xaq EQ

Audio Destruction Tools

I’ve created these for breaking perfectly good music.  Making these plugins was like drawing pictures on LSD.  I can’t explain how they work.


The Mangler

Download The Xaq Mangler



Download The Crawl3R

Space Faze

Space Faze

The Space Phaser never hurt anybody.  It’s funky fresh and syncs to tempo.  Nice and stereoific too!  Download The Xaq Space Phaser

Meta Tools

These are some of the nice side effects of research.  Cool tools that are useful and lead to better things.  I can’t vouch for the stability of some of these but they do sound nice.

Stereo Editor

Stereo Editor

This is a solid stereo enhancer.  You can use the crossover to affect only higher frequencies, you can boost just the vocal frequencies in the center and there is an X/Y control for stereo effects.  Download The Xaq Stereo Editor

Click here for a zip file of all XaqMusic plugins.  More meta tools are available in the zip file than are shown here.

You may have noticed I’ve used others’ artwork as the background for some of these plugins.  Yep.  I took em.  If I ever sell these I’ll be sure to make new art.  🙂

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